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Dear Reader/Friend of Tara,

As you leaf through the pages of this our summer brochure yet another Easter celebration will, hopefully, have lifted your spirits with its perennial message of the triumph of life over death through the power of Spirit.

This “good news” is loudly proclaimed, not only through the seasonal religious rituals, but also throughout the whole of nature as it assaults our senses, and through them our very souls, with the energy of birdsong, of budding foliage, of multi-coloured and fragranced bushes, of hedgerows, trees and flowers, of the bleating of lambs and new-born calves & little bonhams too, (piglets to any of you who don’t hail from Cork!), and the myriad other proclamations by mother nature herself that the sap of life still rises triumphantly after the dark, cold days and nights of winter.

We know too that in the midst of “all this juice and all this joy”, pain cuts deeply into many lives both here at home and in far distant lands and seas throughout the world.

It is an awareness of the juxtaposition of these two realities that impels us here at Tara to draw inspiration from that little Chinese proverb “Better light one tiny candle than sit and curse the darkness”.

We trust that you will find a “tiny candle” among the offerings detailed in the pages which follow, to throw a gentle healing light on some aspect of your life at this time.

And now for some good news on sustainability. Our good news is that we have been successful in our application for a three year VSS grant to support some of our services, a grant which comes with terms and conditions which resonate with the Centre’s core values. In terms of our virtual “melt down” through declining a VSS grant in 2013 this really calls for celebration and huge gratitude to all who “put your shoulder to the wheel” to rebuild Tara during those crucial intervening years, 2013-17.

Míle buíochas dóibh go léir.

We want you to know too that that other pillar of sustainability, namely leadership, which we have been deftly crafting in recent times is considerably stronger now than it was last summer. Margaret Spencer has firmly established herself as head of Therapeutic Services thus affording considerable release to us two in the process.

Angela O’Kane has embraced the post of CEO during these same months but has had to face the challenge of the impact on the lives of her young family caused by the long hours of work inherent in so senior a post. Her chosen compromise to lessen those Tara Centre working hours while staying with us in a different role has an integrity to it which is valued both at home and here at Tara.

Team Tara remains robust “in the service of healing, peace and holistic well-being” with our sights firmly focused on longer term sustainability.

May the Good Spirit continue to guide us, one and all along life’s journey.

If that same guiding Spirit directs you towards Tara during the coming months know that a warm welcome awaits you here.





“Though we live in a world that dreams of ending
that always seems about to give in
something that will not acknowledge conclusion
insists that we forever begin.”
Brendan Kennelly