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Chris Milbank

This 3 day workshop will refresh those of Algorithm Level TFT before moving on to the more advanced Diagnostic Level. It looks in depth at Psychological Reversal (the state that prevents a normally successful treatment from working) and teaches

During these 3 days of interactive, hands-on training and practice you will learn the following:

how to diagnose complex sequences of meridian points for treatment of emotional and health problems in the case where a normal TFT Algorithm does not clear the problem. • how to diagnose individual energy toxins i.e. certain food or drink groups

• how to diagnose a treatment to temporarily boost your body’s immune system

• how to help you work with some of the most complicated anxiety and health

If time permits, Chris will also introduce two therapies, at introduction level only, that work alongside TFT very well, namely Body Talk and TAT techniques, and demonstrate how they can help you in conjunction with TFT.

After the course Chris will be available by telephone or email to help with any questions you may have, or to give advice with complicated clients.

Chris Milbank is a Therapy Consultant trained in a wide area of body and mind

and even environmental products which may cause you unnecessary health symptomsto the toxinproblemstherapies and specializing in working with the most complicated cases.Algorithm Level Thought Field Therapy is a pre-requisite for this workshop.

Dates: Friday 10, Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 October 2008

Time: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Cost: £200

(Payment by instalments is an option for this and all Tara Centre Seminars / Workshops. Cards are available at Reception.)