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Armagh Planetarium Team: Colin Johnston, Tom Morrow
and Nigel Farrell
Our interest in Astronomy at the Centre here arises from a deep respect for the
potential for personal and community growth, for enrichment of life and for the
healing of life’s hurts that lies at the heart of cosmic awareness.
Many of you who have participated in other Astronomy programmes at the Centre
have testified to the fact that, the more we grow in an awareness of ourselves as
“citizens of the universe”, the more awesome the whole experience becomes.
This one day seminar has the capacity to delight the total beginner – of whatever
age – and the experienced lover of Astronomy alike.
The topics for the day are:
• The Star Dome Experience This approximates to having the Armagh
Planetarium’s own Star Dome here in the Conference Hall at Tara for a
45-60 mins. Live show!
• Einstein’s Universe
• Life on Other Planets
• Mars – Past, Present and Future
The titles speak for themselves and loudly proclaim that this is a day not to be missed.
The extra special dimension to the day is that, not only will we have our truly
inspirational guide, Colin Johnston, with us for the day but he will be flanked by
two other enthusiasts for their subject from the Planetarium, Dr. Tom Morrow,
Director of the Planetarium, and Nigel Farrell.
Astronomy is particularly relevant in 2009, the year that has been proclaimed
“World Astronomy Year”.

Date: Saturday 21st February 2009
Time: 11.00 am – 4.00 pm
Cost: £45.00 Concessions on request – limited number.