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Dr. Tony Humphreys
In this post-conflict era here in Northern Ireland we are challenged to address the issue
of the emotional impact of the traumatic experiences which impacted the lives of all
throughout the years of the Troubles. Negative and potentially destructive dimensions
of those traumatic experiences will inevitably pass from one generation to the next if
action is not taken to prevent this from happening.
Subtlety is a precious tool in addressing this crucial dimension of healing and peacebuilding,
effectively and at depth.
Dr Tony Humphreys has devoted his whole life to honing his psychological “tools”,
throughout the island of Ireland and internationally, in the service of this sensitive
approach to healing the transgenerational dimension of un-addressed traumatic
experiences. His approach is subtle, sensitive, incredibly fine-tuned and proven to be
most effective, both at home and abroad.
His central thesis is that making young people feel good about themselves will only come
about when parents feel good about themselves. All parenting starts, Dr. Humphreys
claims, with parents learning to parent themselves. Without self-confidence and love
of themselves they will be unable to help their child feel lovable, capable, unique or
special. Each child’s genius, (and not just their academic ability or other talents), must
be recognised if they are to feel good about themselves, and this will only come about
where the self-parenting relationship is successful.
In this seminar Tony Humphreys explores the necessary steps for the creation of these
two key relationships, calling on parents to develop a relationship with self and to love
their children for themselves and not for what they do.
Date: Friday 20th November. 2009
Time: 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
Cost: There is no fee for this seminar.