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Chris Milbank
Thought Field Therapy, often referred to as TFT, or simply tapping, is a safe, noninvasive
and easily learned technique which can be used for the rapid and lasting relief
of many forms of emotional and psychological distress.
It was originally discovered and crafted by the distinguished American Clinical
Psychologist, Dr. Roger Callahan, as a treatment for phobias. It has since been expanded
to ease a wide variety of problems including stress and anxiety, panic attacks, grief,
trauma and anger. It became the treatment of choice in dealing with post traumatic
stress disorder (PTSD) in Kosovo.
The programme will be presented by Chris Milbank whose learning and qualifications
are internationally recognised. Chris trained in TFT therapy on foot of a personal
experience of the profound, lasting and uncomplicated power of TFT to heal a persistent
health condition of his own. Since then he has acquired many years experience as a
trainer in TFT and a number of other related healing techniques.
This Basic Workshop is suited to three categories of participants:
• persons who have no previous knowledge of TFT;
• persons who have some previous knowledge which they wish to update;
• persons who are qualified in other fields of complementary therapy and wish
to incorporate TFT into their complement of skills.
Dates: Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th October 2009
Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th December 2009
(Check with Receptionist)
Time: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Cost: There is no fee for this workshop.