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Opening the heart to heal

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Date: Saturday 23 October 2010

Time: 10.00am – 6.30pm

Cost: Covered by Peace III grant for participants who meet the relevant criteria.

Martin Duffy

More information: Most Spiritual traditions around the world from ancient to modern times have taught that Love is the energy that heals all. This Universal Love energy is at the Centre of all creation, it illuminates our pathway home to our true selves.

To connect to Love is to connect to the Source of who we truly are. All life is an expression of Love.

The heart is the Centre of our being that connects us to the universal heartbeat of creation.

In this workshop participants will learn how to open their hearts more, so they can experience and express the unconditional love that we were born to give and receive.

Participants will gather in a like-minded safe and open-hearted community to share this beautiful experience together.

Experiential exercises will be used as follows:

  • heart centred meditation
  • hemi-Sync – Sound, Imagery and Visualizations
  • drum Journeying
  • open hearted sharing of our experiences.

Martin brings warmth and compassion to his practice. He has strong values with regards integrity, honesty and openness, in particular he believes in empowering the individual to find healing, knowledge and wisdom within themselves.

N.B. Please bring a sleeping bag or a yoga mat for floor exercises.

There will be a follow up of the workshop in Spring and Summer 2011.