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Anger Management

More information: Not knowing how to manage our anger causes it to grow, intensify and spread to anyone or anything that gets in the way. Often it harms the ones we love – wife, husband, partner, children, friends or even people we work with, both colleagues and customers. We react before we stop and think, then find ourselves having to deal with the consequences, which can be painful. It is important that we learn what triggers our anger in the first place.

This workshop is open to all adults who wish to explore, understand and identify the roots of their anger. They will learn how to express it safely through the use of appropriate tools designed to manage and transform it into a positive energy in their lives.

During the workshop participants will learn:

  • how to recognize their anger type and style;
  • historical anger vs present tense anger;
  • the six rules of anger management;
  • defence mechanisms;
  • to discover what anger is and what is not;
  • primary feelings and emotions;
  • what the main sources of anger are;
  • to understand rage and how it differs from anger;
  • powerful strategies for managing anger;
  • to recognise anger-triggering thoughts and ways to challenge them;
  • to create an anger barometer for themselves;
  • to give and receive effective feedback;
  • techniques for conflict resolution;
  • the regressive power of historical anger;
  • how to control anger-generating stress.

Bernard Henry is an accredited Psychotherapist and qualified Anger Management Educator and Group Facilitator. He is also the founder of the Irish Association of Anger Management.


The three elements of the workshop are as follows:

* (i) an interview conducted by Bernard Henry, Friday 8 October 2010 *
* (ii) full weekend course, Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 October 2010, 10.00 am to 5.00 pm daily
* (iii) follow-up day, Saturday 11 December 2010

Only persons who commit to all three elements of the Anger Management process are eligible for consideration for the course.

*If you are interested in being considered for a place on the workshop, please complete a Booking Form and return it to the Receptionist.

You will then be contacted and given your personal appointment time for a short pre-course interview on Friday 8th October 2010. The interview process is confidential.

In the course of this interview, Bernard will work with you to decide if this is a suitable workshop for you at this time in your life.

The maximum number of participants at the workshop is 14.

Cost: Covered by Peace III grant for participants who meet the relevant criteria.