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Omagh Men’s Support Group

Date: Every Monday night. Start date, Monday 3rd September 2012

Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm


Omagh Men’s Support Group continues to meet on a weekly basis at this Centre.

The Group offers men a safe and secure space where they can talk about their emotions, find help in managing the stress in their lives and figure out solutions to life’s problems.

Men in a support group can develop trusting bonds with one another and reveal things to each other that they might feel uncomfortable telling anyone else. Issues raised can include relationships, raising children, work, feelings of failure and ambition, loss, health and money worries.

Persons who wish to join this group are invited to contact Gerry on 077 9947 2968

Disclaimer: While we genuinely appreciate the value of the service offered by support groups who hold their meetings in the Tara Centre premises we wish to point out that such groups are self- governed and as such are entirely independent of the Tara Centre Governance system.

Accordingly, the Centre carries no responsibility for the life and activities of these groups.