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Tara Is Gaining Strength

The Unfolding Story

  • Deloitte MCL continues its independent Scoping work until mid-March 2014
  • Strategies for future fundraising will form a vital part of that report
  • Persons who contacted the Centre after the packed-to-capacity Public Meeting on 5th February indicating an interest in the fundraising issue will meet before the end of February and send findings to Deloitte
  • The Board of Directors’ decision re the Long Term Future of Tara, which will be heavily influenced by the Deloitte report, is expected to be taken in April 2014.
  • That decision will be widely published.


“The dream of peace is realised by the awakening, integration and healing of all the dimensions of the human heart. The Tara Centre is at the frontier of this exciting transformation.”

(John O’Donohue: internationally acclaimed poet, philosopher, teacher, seminar presenter and long term friend of Tara, Omagh)