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  • The big news this year is that June 2016 brings the 20th Anniversary of Tara’s presence in the community “in the service of healing, peace and holistic well-being…”
  • Plans are afoot to ensure that there will be a chance for all to celebrate this wonderful moment on our shared journey… WATCH THIS SPACE.
  • 2015 saw a very significant increase in the provision of counselling/psychotherapy and art therapy at the Centre; this is set to increase further in the course of 2016.
  • Our current brochure (Spring 2016) sets out the whole range of other services which continue to be on offer and on the increase at Tara.
  • Sustainability continues to be an important consideration as we move forward and that, as we all know, includes the challenging issue of securing the necessary funds on an on-going basis; 2015 saw significant progress in this regard.
  • A robust strategy is in place to maximise the impact of the Standing Orders and Gift Aid initiative in the interests of sustainability this year; a magnificent bespoke booklet, personally designed by Niall Laird of Lairdesign Omagh specifically for this purpose, is now available to all who wish to join the ranks of those already providing financial support to Tara through this avenue. The booklet itself is an artistic masterpiece and gathers together in a few brief statements all you need to know about the heart of Tara. Please contact the Centre to secure your very own copy of this booklet or download a copy from this website.