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Awakening to the Wisdom of Your Dreams

Date: Saturday 1st April, 2017

Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm sharp

Cost: £30.00

Kathleen Duffy MIA HIP

Why is it that we have to dream each night to ensure overall mental wellbeing?  Why are our dreams so fleeting and difficult to retain in out conscious minds?  Dreams are part of all of our lives.  They show a level of sub-conscious functioning of the mind that clearly serves an important role in keeping us healthy.  Dreams help us to try to make sense of our day to day experiences, as well as challenging and supporting us to heal our past; they also point us in the direction of our, as yet, unfulfilled potential.

You may have a recurring dream that you have tried to understand or similar images coming up in different dreams.  Only the person dreaming can uncover the meaning for themselves and experience the ‘Ah-Ha’ moment of insight.  Help is at hand at this workshop to assist you in doing this.  You will learn different techniques that you can use again and again to help you understand and experience the wisdom offered from your dreams.

This workshop is suitable for the general public and also for therapists who use clients’ dreams as part of their work.

Kathleen is a well-known expert on dreams work throughout the country.  Her book ‘Awaken to the Wisdom of your Dreams – Mirrors in the River’ continues to be received with wide acclaim.  She has given many radio interviews and workshops over the years and her ability to help people use their dreams effectively is remarkable.  She is also a Psychotherapist of over 25 years’ experience.

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