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Loss: Transgenerational, Personal and Ancestral Healing

Date: Friday 22nd September and Saturday 23rd September 2017

Time: Fri: 10.00am – 4.00pm | Sat: 10.00am – 1.00pm | (Enrolment from 9.30am to 10am sharp)

Cost: Funded by the Victims and Survivors’ Service

Fr. Jim Cogley

We are delighted to welcome Fr. Jim Cogley back to the Tara Centre to facilitate what we know will be another powerful workshop. This time the focus will be on how pain and loss can be an invitation to wholeness in our lives.

Over the course of the two days, Jim will explore in his own unique and insightful way our ancestral/family tree including some childhood issues of which we may not be fully aware but which may unconsciously inhibit personal healing. The desired outcome for each participant is to find healing and integration of the various elements of his/her personal life story resulting in a more fulfilling future. Jim’s very special gift is that nobody is ever put under pressure in any way in the course of this workshop.

Jim is a psychotherapist and wood-turner with over thirty years’ experience in the field of healing, both personal and intergenerational. His innovative, self-taught, woodworking skills provide a unique opportunity to present the age-old truths of life and spirituality in the form of wooden symbols that speak to the soul. Jim’s focus is on “getting the past out of the present” in order to lead a fuller, freer and more fulfilled life. He offers a much needed wisdom for the spiritual landscape we find ourselves in at this time.

Fr. Jim Cogley

Jim is the author of several books and inspirational cards in the ‘Wood You Believe’ series: ‘The Unfolding Self’, ‘The Ancestral Self’ and ‘The Twin less Self’. His books will be on sale, ‘signed and all’ at the seminar.

“Traumas and unhappiness don’t just die with those who were the original victims; they remain to reverberate down through the family tree. In general it may be said that it is those traumas that have never been faced which tend to recur again and again….. Ancestral healing is an opportunity to recognize and bring healing to family influences from the past in a way which has implications for the future.” – Jim Cogley

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