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Yoga for Beginners

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Date: Wednesday 24th January 2018 – Wednesday 28th March 2018 Thursday 25th January 2018 – Thursday 29th March 2018

Time: Wednesday - 10.30am-12.00pm and Thursday - 7.00pm-8.30pm


Heather Kemps

Yoga is a very old tradition which has much to offer in today’s lifestyle, helping us to feel more peaceful in a chaotic world. It helps to harmonize and balance the mind, body and emotions through using postures, breath and relaxation techniques. Yoga is for everyone.

Yoga helps to develop a stronger and more flexible body which can lead to health improvement in many ways. Relaxation is so important for health and well-being as it relieves the anxieties and frustrations of a stressful lifestyle.

Those who practice yoga at Tara are advised to wear loose clothing and bring a blanket or sleeping bag.

NB: It is advisable that expectant mothers wait until after the 12th week of pregnancy before attending Yoga sessions.

The programme presenter, Heather Kemps, trained with the Yoga Fellowship of NI in 1997. She completed second stage teacher training with YTTC in 2000. Heather sees the practice of yoga as a tool to help individuals develop their own self-awareness, enabling them to feel more in control, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

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