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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Date: Saturday 30th March 2019

Time: 10am – 4pm | Registration: 9.30am-10am

Cost: Your place is secured by payment of £10 Registration Fee VSS subsidises the rest of the cost for participants who meet the criteria £30 for those who do not qualify for VSS grant

Bridin McKenna

An empowering tool for emotional freedom

Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT (often known as Tapping or EFT Tapping), is based on the underlying principle that with all emotional and physical problems there is a disruption in the body’s energy system.

EFT is a profoundly simple technique which involves tapping on certain energy points on the face and upper body while tuning into a specific problem – whether that be a traumatic event, a phobia, physical or emotional pain.

This physical pressure on the energy points, while identifying the problem, works to clear the energy disruption from the body.

While EFT is a therapy taught and applied by professionals, it is easy to learn and use personally. It is a very empowering tool that can, over time, help shift long established patterns, beliefs and pains.

EFT is not an alternative to conventional therapy but can work alongside many forms of therapy and shift blocks that are preventing the body’s natural ability to heal.

Refreshments mid-morning / Lunch provided.