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A Message from the Co-Founders

As we enter a brand New Year, and a brand new decade too, one small word, more than any other, has fought its way through a multitude of contenders, to offer the focus for our warm New Year greetings to you all. That small word is simply “CHANGE”.

We live in an era of unprecedented Change. For some this triggers the excitement of expectation, for others a cynical indifference – “same old, same old” – and for many another it symbolises challenge, or even fear.

We invite you to join with us briefly in considering one aspect of Change which has become ubiquitous in our day and which fills our hearts with hope and joy in the midst of so much pain and uncertainty in our world. We speak of that Change of sensibility, manifesting across the globe which has whipped up a virtual tsunami of interest in finding the spiritual essence at the heart of the whole of life and discovering its capacity, when experienced and embraced, to reveal the light and the warmth and the love which lie hidden at the very heart of the whole of life.

We invite you to choose with us this aspect of Change as the focus of your lives now and throughout the New Year and the new decade too which opens out before us. We invite you to discover for yourself the truth behind that simple phrase so well known to us all:

“Two men looked through prison bars,
One saw mud and the other saw stars”.

Both “stars” and “mud” will continue to form the warp and the woof of life, in varying proportions, both literally and metaphorically, as long as there is life on earth.

Let us together choose to focus on that aspect of CHANGE which is growing exponentially in our midst in this our day – an awakening to the presence and the power of the spiritual at the heart of the whole of creation, – and let us be amazed at how near the “stars” are to us even when we are knee deep in the “mud”!

We trust that what Tara has on offer for you this Spring will support your efforts to discover the transformative power of the spiritual at the heart of the material in your life.

Dia romhainn agus Dia linn go léir.

Mary DalyMaura Twohig