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A Message from the Co-Founders

A warm Summer 2018-style greeting to all who take the time to read this brief communiqué from us, Tara’s Co-Founders, as the Autumn/Winter season closes in on us once more.

We can safely assume that, whoever you are and wherever you are, the fact that you are perusing this brochure indicates that you have an interest in Tara and what we are about! Thanks for that.
In our last message to you we issued you with an invitation to engage with Tara’s Vision Statement which, in effect, provides the inspiration and sets the compass direction for all dimensions of the Centre’s life. (See page 3 of the Autumn/Winter 2018 Brochure).

In the intervening months we have developed that statement more fully. We have retained the earlier text, (which sets out the range of activities which takes place at Tara, inspired by its core values), and we have pre-fixed it with three additional paragraphs.

In the first two of these new paragraphs the perspective on life which underpins both core values and all aspects of life at Tara are clearly articulated.

The third new paragraph is simply a bridge between the essence of the vision and the efforts being made, day and daily at Tara, to translate that vision into practice. (See expanded text on p. 3 of this Autumn/Winter brochure.)

In the words of the poet W. B. Yeats, in our expanded Vision Statement we,

“have spread our dreams under your feet;
tread softly for you tread on our dreams”.

We invite you to take them into your hearts.

Another quote, whose source evades us just now, is offering itself for inclusion too. So here goes!

“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die,
Life is a broken-wingѐd bird that cannot fly”.

Now for the prose!

It is true to say that while vision provides food for the soul, robust organisational structures play a key role in facilitating the translation of vision into practice in this time/space/causality-bound reality we call daily life!

Many of you will already be well aware of how well Tara is functioning in the capable hands of our, by now well experienced, dedicated CEO & her equally dedicated staff, “old” & new.

We want you to know that the broader Governance Structure within which the CEO and her team operate has been significantly strengthened in recent months. Some of the “old brigade” continue to serve as Directors. New blood has been added, some as Directors, others as Members and the Finance Sub Committee continues to go from strength to strength. The legacy of those Directors who are no longer in that role but who helped, voluntarily & selflessly, to build up and sustain the Company through its most challenging years will serve the Company well into the future. Their contribution is inestimable. This, among other things, provides grounds for a growing confidence in Tara’s longer term sustainability.

Finally, you will be well aware that, on August 15th this year the trauma of the Omagh bomb was publicly remembered. Tara was there for many of you throughout that dreadful event. We had been at the heart of the community fully two years before that tragedy befell us all; we have been here since and we aspire to continue to be in the business of supporting “healing, peace & holistic well-being” for many a long year to come.

You who read this message are invited to play your part in translating that aspiration into a living reality.
Elsewhere in this brochure you will find assistance on how to do this effectively. We trust you will find something there that works for you.

Yours, in solidarity,

Mary DalyMaura Twohig