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This Centre was founded in 1996.

The founding vision was inspired by a holistic philosophy of life which cherishes a sense of the sacred in all aspects of life and seeks to build a society where diversity can be experienced as enrichment and pain can be engaged with as the raw material of deep personal transformation.

This vision found expression in the Centre’s Mission Statement:

  • to heal and transcend pain and trauma;
  • to bring hope to those in despair;
  • to build an inclusive community of peace and reconciliation;
  • to support those who seek to free themselves from the poverty trap and its negative consequences
  • to educate beyond narrow, divisive, tribal loyalties
  • to educate towards a deep, active and enlightened awareness of this amazing universe of which humanity forms a creative and integral part.

Throughout the past 20+ years practical expression has been given to the aspirations of the Mission Statement by developing and delivering a wide range of healing and life- enhancing initiatives such as those identified in this brochure, all of which are experienced in the caring environment of a healing community and a warm welcoming building where the entire ethos breathes respect.

Testimonials abound to the fact that at the Tara Centre, people often find a new direction for their lives. They come in touch with deep inner resources, and are reminded that there are others who share their values about life and its meaning, and find inspiration in a communal quest.

We are not only animated stardust.
We’re stardust capable of understanding
how the stars came to exist in the first place.
Paul Davies