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The founding vision of the Tara Centre, founded in 1996, was inspired by a holistic philosophy of life which cherishes a sense of the sacred in all aspects of life and seeks to build a society where diversity can be experienced as enrichment and pain can be engaged with as the raw material of deep personal transformation.

More than all else, at the Tara Centre there is a deep and genuine commitment to supporting, in an appropriate manner, those who come through its doors to grow in an awareness of their personal, intrinsic worth as a human being as the solid basis for living their lives to the full in their own unique circumstances.

Throughout the past 23 years, practical expression has been given to the aspirations of the Vision Statement by developing and delivering a wide range of healing and life-enhancing initiatives such as those identified in this brochure, all of which are experienced in the caring environment of a healing community and a warm welcoming building where the entire ethos breathes respect.

Testimonials abound to the fact that at the Tara Centre, people often find a new direction for their lives. They come in touch with deep inner resources, and are reminded that there are others who share their values about life and its meaning, thus finding inspiration in a communal quest.


“… in the service of healing, peace and holistic well-being.”



A Timeless Sacred Place…a Sanctuary for All

Financial considerations must not keep anyone away from here.

At Tara we have a strong, principled commitment to making all the Centre’s services available to anyone who can benefit from them, irrespective of a person’s ability to pay the stated cost.

We are a voluntary organization committed to providing services to the highest professional standards.

All our costs are pitched at a minimum rate relative to the quality of the service on offer and the overall cost to us of providing that service.

Some, but not all of the services on offer, are subsidised by grants. We also receive donations/contributions from generous persons who share Tara’s conviction that the services on offer here make a worthwhile contribution to individual lives and to the community at large and whose financial circumstances at any given time permit them to support the work in this practical and much valued way.

The foregoing combined considerations influence the setting of fees for services on offer.

We are well aware however, that the fee set may be an obstacle to availing of the services for some people who could benefit from them and to whom we wish to extend a warm welcome.

In order to give expression to that warm welcome to such persons, we have a few options which we trust are fit for purpose, namely:

  • payment by instalment cards are available on request at Reception;
  • the £10.00 booking fee attached to certain services is usually paid in full in advance of the start date for the relevant programme; an instalment card may however be used for this purpose;
  • in the event of neither of the arrangements detailed above meeting your need at a given time, you are cordially invited to make this known to the Receptionist who will arrange for you to discuss an alternative option.

A warm welcome, genuine respect and the utmost confidentiality is guaranteed to all.