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A record of the authors of these statements is held at the Centre.

Below are samples of comments we have received over the past number of months about the Centre and the services we provide.

“I welcome every opportunity to avail of the Tara Centre ambience  – I find it to be a sanctuary”

Art Therapy

“It helped develop an open mind, I met new people and had fun”

“I enjoyed it because I find art fun and I can express my feelings through my pictures”

Complementary Therapies

“The relaxation and calm I received from the treatments lasted for days after- Also the nurturing feeling of doing something for my own well-being instead of looking after everyone else was hugely beneficial”

“The solace of human touch – a feeling of caring and personal stress relief in a safe environment.  Thank you”

“I was able to deal with past issues which may have contributed to my ill health and look forward to a healthy life”

Workshops/ Programmes

Anger Management, Bernard Henry

“I felt it really helped me and it was exactly what I needed, it was worth my while and I’m glad I had the courage to sign up”

“The course was practical and informative.  It taught me multiple ways of managing anger (my own and others) . It will help with stress management and personal development”

Opening the Heart to Heal, Martin Duffy

“I feel totally spoilt. Thanks so much for this wonderful; experience to both martin and the Tara Centre ”

“I enjoyed the new learning and feel that this weekend workshop was vital in helping me to address the healing I need in my life”

“I found the contents of the course opened up a simple way of dealing with life and emotions”

The Power of ‘Negative’ Thinking, Tony Humphreys

“It was absolutely fantastic! I feel renewed and positive once again”

“New insights help shape my attitude in a positive way, help me understand things that have happened and people in my life better”

“Dealing with myself I find is my way forward”

Children Feeling Good, Tony Humphreys

“Wonderful information and delivered in a fun/ uplifting way”

“Most uplifting and empowering.  I have never been to anything like this before and   feel I have gained so much.  Will definitely want to attend again”

Bead Biography, Suzi Swain

“very good idea, each bead telling a story”

“I enjoyed working creatively while exploring inner feelings”

“Doing the beads allowed me to reflect on the milestones and meaningful events in my life.”

Some comments from past workshops

Christy Kenneally Workshop on Forgiveness, October 2010

“This workshop was up-lifting, empowering and gave a different perspective on the term ‘forgiveness’ as I understood it.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable day”

“Christy is brilliant in putting across such a serious topic in a very simplistic way, which he was able to relate to everyone there.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would love to have him back to present another course.”

You Can Heal Your Life, Rachel Brady

“I thought the course was very informative.  I feel a completely different person with a much better outlook on life”

“I felt the course helps you to express yourself, identify feelings and equips you with coping skills.  It is also very confidential”

“It was a great positive experience and I felt very comfortable and safe”

Anger Management, Bernard Henry

“The course was of great benefit in helping me to recognise the triggers for my anger”

“A very challenging subject dealt with professionally, wit and sharing of own experiences”

“I found Bernard to be excellent and feel he has equipped me with the tools I required.  It has been the best two days I have ever had, it would have been great 10 years ago”

Opening the Heart To Heal, Martin Duffy

“Excellent chance to get to grips with the issues that have deeply affected me from childhood – so opened self-healing.  Thank you!”

 “Felt relaxed.  Found it difficult to meditate and let go”

 “Yes, interesting taster session for me.  Excellent management of day, meditative environment established, useful reasons used, sharing of experiences”

Thought Field Therapy, Chris Milbank

“I found the subject really interesting and will definitely be practicing tapping”

“It has been a wonderful course which I have learned so much from and will hopefully be able to help other people”

“The tutor walked and breathed his subject – he is so animated, his feelings show his enthusiasm and belief in his specific and related fields.  His compassionate nature opened a painful area in my life to healing”

“I learned how to release the past, how to deal with family issues, appreciate how to deal with family members and why they behave the way they do” (Relationship, Relationship, Relationship, the Heart of a mature Northern Ireland’)

“I found it very beneficial and am more positive as an outcome” (Thought Field Therapy)

“After two days I feel it was transformational, however I look forward to moving forward with all I have learnt by putting it to good use” (Thought Field Therapy)

“Best course ever!  Jim obviously cares very much about people.  The atmosphere was very healing and supportive” (Family Tree Workshop, Intergenerational Healing)

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course.  Excellent facilitator.  Gives a whole new dimension to life and brings insights to self and others” (The impact of Conflict on WellBeing)

“I opened up to others about my family and issues that have been passed down the generations” (Family Tree Workshop, Intergenerational Healing)