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From the Desk of the CEO

Dear Friends of Tara,

What a start we have had to 2018! The prevalence of ‘flu, harsh winter flurries and difficult driving conditions provided the backdrop of an icy beginning to the New Year. Team Tara forged ahead, making in-flight adjustments along the way because as we know, it’s not what happens that rules the day, it is how we respond to what happens that makes the difference.

“We aren’t human beings having a spiritual experience,
we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.
Pierre Tielhard de Chardin

Then came the brightness, the green shoots and the longer stretch in the evenings. The clocks sprang forward and we now look ahead to May Day, the Summer Solstice, blue skies and to warm summer days. Maura and Mary, our Co-Founders, continue with their shoulders to the wheel, in support of us and all that is happening at Tara.

Our Summer 2018 Programme is here for you. The ongoing demand for our services continues, as does the demand for places on our Seminars and Workshops. You will note that we have invited back some of our well known experts in their respective fields. I recommend early booking as places are limited and in demand. There is a powerful message within each of our Seminars, that links with the theme that what we do here at Tara is “in the service of healing, peace and holistic wellbeing”.

Our new Tara website is under construction; we trust that you will find that its new design, with its focus on the online presence, will make it more attractive and user friendly for you. Watch out for further updates on our progress. May I respectfully draw your attention to the Donate button on the current website, through which you can contribute in a practical way towards Tara’s sustainability and reflect its value to the community.

Indications are that our tried and tested Tara Brochure remains as popular as ever so, as of now at any rate, we have no plans to part with it.

Have a look at what’s happening, see what may be of interest to you. That warm welcome awaits you.

Kindest regards

Margaret Spencer



Chief Executive Officer