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From the Desk of the CEO

Dear Friends of Tara,

Since joining Tara some sixteen months ago now, I have enjoyed the privilege of working with a world class team, dedicated “… in the service of healing, peace and holistic wellbeing”. Tara offers a vision, unique in the world. A vision that resonates with me, as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor, and which attracted me into the role of Coordinator of Therapeutic Services in 2016. It is a key role in Tara and it is wonderful to have John Friel, a true professional with integrity, take up this mantle at this time. I look forward to working with John in this new capacity and indeed to working with all Team Tara.

Since I first came to Tara I have experienced how each and every one of the team contributes at the highest level in the skilful delivery of their roles and responsibilities, and also much more than that – through their dedication, care and kindness in the way they work. Following my relocation from England, I have enjoyed such a hearty welcome from the team here at Tara and in my native Northern Ireland, establishing firm roots locally.

It is with a clear awareness of the challenges in my new role as CEO, that I understand and commit to embracing the importance of maintaining the robust essentials established here by Maura, Mary, the Board of Directors and the Company as a whole. It is testament to the way Tara is firmly focussed in the development of our people that my journey with Tara is unfolding in this way. I commit to all stakeholders to remain true to the founding vision in executing my responsibilities to the Company.

I am already enjoying the wonderful messages of support many of you whom I already know have offered me, your lovely energies and warmest of wishes to me in my new role mean such a lot and I am deeply grateful to you for that. I look forward to meeting many more of you, good friends of Tara – with a real sense of excitement in the context of my overseeing the delivery of the whole range of multidisciplinary healing initiatives on offer in our Spring Programme and in the ongoing delivery of our full range of Therapeutic Services. And here’s to many more programmes into the future!

Be assured that there is a warm welcome here at our beautiful Centre, especially for you.

Wishing you a safe, peaceful and prosperous 2018.

Margaret Spencer
Chief Executive Officer