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8. Current Principal Sources of Funding

(updated August 2018)

  • Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Victims & Survivors Service
  • Donation from Canada, Larry Bradley and Diane Tucker
  • Raymond and Ross Coyle – Tayto Park
  • WHSCT – Contract for Services
  • Philanthropic Donations – large and small
  • Personal donations – Made from time to time to the Centre which are frequently accompanied by a request from these generous benefactors to desist from publishing their details. Their contributions are recorded, responsibly used and most gratefully received.
  • Personal donations – Through Standing Orders & Gift Aid (Detailed records held at the Centre)

Other Significant Support Towards Sustainability:

  • Sisters of Mercy, Northern Province
  • Presentation Sisters, North East Province

The most significant support provided to the Tara Centre by the Sisters of Mercy and the Presentation Sisters is the lease of the premises, jointly owned by them, to the Company, free of charge.