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8. Current Principal Sources of Funding

(updated January 2018)

  • Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Victims & Survivors Service
  • Raymond and Ross Coyle – Tayto Park
  • WHSCT – Contract for Services
  • Philanthropic Donations – large and small
  • Craft Fair – in the Spirit of Christmas (A local voluntary fundraising event)
  • Personal donations which are made from time to time to the Centre which are frequently accompanied by a request from these generous benefactors to desist from publishing their details. Their contributions are recorded, responsibly used and most gratefully received.
  • Personal donations through Standing Orders & Gift Aid (Detailed records held at the Centre)

Other Significant Support Towards Sustainability:

  • Sisters of Mercy, Northern Province
  • Presentation Sisters, North East Province

The most significant support provided on-goingly to the Tara Centre by the Sisters of Mercy and the Presentation Sisters is the lease of the premises, jointly owned by them, to the Company free of charge.