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Loreto Foundation

We are a worldwide group of IBVM (Loreto) women inspired by the radical vision of our foundress, Mary Ward, whose legacy from the 17th century encourages us to passionately embody God’s love by:

  • standing with those on the margins of society
  • challenging unjust structures
  • advocating for all especially women and children
  • whole-hearted engagement in education and other ministries
  • discerning the signs of the times by listening to the Spirit
  • seeking to live our charism of freedom, justice, truth, sincerity and joy
  • working in collaboration with others to promote the dignity of all

To ask the question ‘Who are you?’ is to ask something fundamental about anyone’s identity.

In the Scriptures, it is a question that recurs and, inevitably, there are as many answers as there are people. It is a question that does not just ask our name but searches out the more profound reason for our very being on this earth, the rationale for our existence, our modus operandi.

In response to the locus of that question ‘Who are we?’ we are first and foremost, a diverse group of women of all ages, shapes and sizes, who have responded to God’s call to intimacy with him as expressed in our vowed lives as religious in the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary/Loreto.