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UPDATE: June 2021

Celebrating 25 Years at the Tara Centre

Celebrating 25 Years at the Tara Centre

How blessed are we here at the Tara Centre, Omagh, to be alive and well and still “in business”, fully 25 years after we opened our doors to the general public at 11, Holmview Terrace, with our hopes and our dreams that the Centre might be able to be “… in the service of healing, peace and holistic wellbeing” among you for an, as yet unknown, period of time into the future. Critical for us from the get-go was to be of service in a manner which respects the sacredness of each individual’s right to remain “the captain of his/her own ship”, no matter how broken or vulnerable life may render any one of us to be, at any time in our lives, and for any of a multiplicity of reasons.

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