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HECT (Human Energy Chelation Therapy)

HECTThe Physical Reality on which Human Energy Chelation Therapy is Based.

Human Energy Chelation Therapy (HECT), a process of transmitting or channelling energy, is based on the electromagnetic nature of the human body.  The body’s electromagnetic or auric field is generated by the spinning of the chakras.  As it spins, each chakra produces its own electromagnetic field.  This field then combines with fields generated by other chakras in the body to produce the auric field.  An individual’s auric field is manifested via a combination of energies from three chakras.  Generally these are the first, third and fifth chakras, which empower the person’s physical, intellectual, and etheric bodies.  It is a combination of these three chakras that produces the primary auric field (the inner shell of the aura), which can be physically felt by the therapist’s hand as it is passed over the client’s body in the process of scanning.

If one is sensitive enough, the secondary auric field (the outer shell) can also be felt.  The secondary aura is produced from the interaction of all the seven chakras.  The spinning of the chakras creates energy.  The amount or intensity of energy produced by a particular chakra or group of chakras is an indicator of the state of the client’s health.  It also gives an indication of the presence of dis-ease in a particular area of the body or throughout the body in general.

In practising Human Energy Chelation Therapy the therapist acts as a channel to transfer various frequencies of energy to the client for the purpose of rebalancing chakras, i.e., stabilizing the electromagnetic field.  This intervention on the part of the therapist initiates and/or supports the body’s natural capacity to heal itself through the regeneration of its tissues.  The foregoing processes have given this form of complementary therapy its name:  Human Energy Chelation Therapy or HECT.


How the Treatment is Given

A medical history of the client is recorded by the therapist before administering any HECT treatment.

The therapist begins a typical treatment by scanning the client’s body with his/her own hands to discover the areas that need healing before transmitting or channelling energy. Signals such as heat, cold or a “break” in the flow of the client’s energy field provide the information the therapist requires in order to proceed with the appropriate treatment.  In addition, the client may choose to identify the condition for which they wish to be treated.

There are options of full body treatment, “spot treatments” or a combination of full body and “spot” treatments open to the therapist, depending on the client’s need in a given situation. Irrespective of the form the treatment takes the client is fully clothed and generally lies on a plinth.  Where necessary, the client may stand, sit or lie on his/her sick bed as appropriate.

Before commencing a treatment the therapist supplements her/his own supply of human energy by drawing additional energy into her/his own body in the most natural way, i.e., from the earth through the feet.  In full body treatment the client lies on a plinth while energy is channelled into her/his body by the therapist in progressive steps, using both hands and beginning at the client’s feet. The energy is moved up the client’s body from feet to knees, knees to hips, and from the hips through the major chakra system right up to the crown chakra. “Spot treatments” focus on particular areas of the body where energy is found to be either depleted or over active or where some other specific symptom of dis-ease manifests itself, e.g., pain, excessive fatigue etc.  A whole range of healing techniques are available to the therapist to treat a given condition in an appropriate manner.

Ultimately, all techniques fit into one or other of two fundamental energy movements on the part of the therapist:  “pulling” or “pushing” energy.  The former “chelates” or cleanses the aura, the latter balances the aura. Both have the capacity to remove energy blockages and thus treat a range of illnesses. Transformation at a cellular level is the therapist’s goal.

In the case of both full body and “spot” treatments or a combination of full body and “spot” treatments, the therapist concludes the treatment by scanning the client’s body/auric field once more , compares the result with the pre-treatment scan and thus gets bio- feedback on the immediate impact of the treatment on the client.  The client may also choose to give verbal feedback.

The medium term and longer term effects vary from client to client.  While a fundamental principle in the practice of HECT is that the therapy is, of its very nature, complementary,  practitioners’ professional records and client testimonials concur in attesting to very positive healing benefits from HECT for a wide range of illnesses. It is, in addition, recognised, appreciated and sought after for its non invasiveness and safety.

A full body treatment generally lasts for approximately fifty minutes.  “Spot” treatments can take considerably less time.  The number, nature and frequency of treatments vary from client to client and condition to condition with decisions in this regard being taken in accordance with professional standards.  HECT practitioners pledge themselves to practise in accordance with the highest ethical principles.

The Tara Centre, Omagh, has achieved accreditation for Human Energy Chelation Therapy (HECT) from the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Duration:  1 hour

Cost:  £35

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