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Thought Field Therapy

This non-invasive therapy has been taught at the Tara Centre by a leading expert in the field, Mr. Chris Milbank, to diagnostic level in the course of the past two years.  A number of those who qualified in the use of TFT techniques with Chris were already trained and experienced in other complementary therapies, among them some of the complementary therapy team members at Tara.  These practitioners frequently combine TFT techniques with other modalities if / when appropriate.

Thought Field Therapy, or “Tapping” as it is more familiarly known, is based on activating the body’s meridian system with a view to releasing blocked energy and relieving a range of debilitating conditions such as phobias, anxiety disorder, respiratory conditions etc.   Individuals can be taught the tapping sequence most suited to their condition thus empowering them to self heal in a safe and effective manner.

Duration: 45mins

Cost: £35

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