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Counselling/ Psychotherapy

Counselling / PsychotherapyPersons who seek a counselling/psychotherapy or art therapy appointment are asked to leave their name, (first name if preferable), and telephone number with the Receptionist for the attention of the Co-Ordinator of Therapeutic Services, (COTS). No details regarding the applicant’s issue(s) should be given at this stage.

The Co-Ordinator of Therapeutic Services will return the applicant’s call as soon as possible. He will give an indication, based on current demand for services and therapist availability, of the length of time the applicant may have to wait for an appointment. An available relevant counsellor/psychotherapist or art therapist, as the case may be, will be assigned to each applicant. The assigned counsellor/psychotherapist or art therapist will contact the applicant/client to arrange the first appointment.

Cancellation Policy: The Centre’s cancellation policy will be communicated to each client by their assigned therapist.

Emergency/Crisis Situations

In Emergency/Crisis situations every effort will be made that applicants in these circumstances will be contacted by the Co-Ordinator of Therapeutic Services within 24 hours and appropriate support provided in accordance with the Centre’s resources.

Cost: A sliding scale is in operation for payment for counselling/psychotherapy and art therapy. Fully funded places or places at a reduced cost are offered to persons who qualify under the conditions of relevant available grants. Each case is dealt with individually through a process of consultation between the client and the assigned counsellor/psychotherapist or art therapist.

Note: A certain number of counselling/psychotherapy sessions are currently funded by VSS grant for persons who qualify. For further details, contact the Co-ordinator of Therapeutic Services for details on 028 8225 0024.

A special booklet on Complementary Therapies is available on request from Reception.

Grant Aided Appointments

The Tara Centre is grateful to the Victims & Survivors Service, (Victims and Survivors Programme, VSS), for grant aid that enables us to deliver fully funded Complementary Therapies to those who meet the relevant criteria. Contact the Receptionist who will assist you in making an application. The completed form will be passed onto the Co-Ordinator of Therapeutic Services whose responsibility it is to approve the application. The Co-Ordinator will assign a relevant available therapist to persons whose application has been approved. The assigned therapist will make direct contact with the applicant and arrangements will be made for her/him to receive the agreed therapy as soon as a place becomes available.

Appointments on a Fee-Paying Basis

Where a grant is not available, or in the case of persons who do not meet the grant aid criteria, appointments can be arranged on a fee paying basis. In the event of the price as advertised being prohibitive in individual cases, a reduced fee will be considered by the Co-Ordinator of Therapeutic Services on request.

Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required for cancellation of an appointment. Failure to comply with this requirement will involve a cancellation fee of £15 for fee paying clients. Grant aided clients will forfeit one allocated treatment for failure to give adequate notice of cancellation. A “No-Show” practice on the part of the client will require a return to the waiting list for further appointments. The Centre’s cancellation policy will be communicated to each client by their assigned therapist.

Special Rates of Payment

  • At Tara we have a strong principled commitment to making the Centre’s services available to anyone who can benefit from them, irrespective of a person’s ability to pay.
  • All costs, as published, are pitched at a minimum rate relative to the quality of service on offer.
  • Payment by instalments is facilitated at Reception, on request, to ensure no one is
    excluded on grounds of cost.
  • A personally affordable price can be directly worked out on a one-to-one basis, on request, through consultation with the CEO.