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Vision Statement

We believe that, in essence, there is a quintessential unity to the whole of life.

Our Mission at Tara is to develop an aweareness of this truth and support the practice of living life, in all its aspects, from this perspective.

Coming from this perspective, the multi-disciplinary package of services offered at Tara focusses principally on:

  • healing and transcending pain and trauma
  • bringing hope to those in despair
  • building an inclusive community of peace and reconciliation
  • supporting those who seek to free themselves from the poverty trap and its negative consequences
  • educateing beyond narrow, divisive, tribal loyalties
  • encouraging a deepening awareness of this amazing universe – manifest and unmanifest – which sustains and embraces the whole community of life and within which, we, humans, discover and cherish our true identity and our life’s purpose.